the end is the beginning

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“That was my presentation". Thank you for your time. Any questions?”

And breathe. Job done right? Wrong.

A brilliant presentation is actually the beginning. Remember, you’re Yoda not Luke. Your presentation is an iceberg not the whole. A presentation should inspire your audience to want to know more about your subject.

Your talk is the start of a journey.

Make them want to know more. Show them how to do it.

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Have a blog, a podcast, an article, a document on Dropbox or Google Drive. Something for your audience to go to learn more about your message. Set up a Slideshare account. Get your talk on social media. Share.

The trouble with sharing links is that they are often unwieldy, something like

If you have a link, make it snappy. There are a number of custom URL sites which give you a personalised link. I like Using them I was able to make the link to then share to make it easier to find this blog site.

slides ≠ presentation

audience, audience, audience

pick your message

be a storyteller

who, what, how

1 picture > 1000 words

dump the data, don’t data dump

stand on the shoulders of giants

don’t present, perform

the end is the beginning

There isn’t only one way to do a presentation. But what I hope is that through these principles, and an evidence based approach, we can all improve the way we present.

I hope this has inspired you. Please keep in touch @mcdreeamie on Twitter and use the hashtag #iamapresentationalist. Let’s keep this going. 300 million PowerPoint presentations a day are delivered. There’s a way to go but we can do it.

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